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(aka songs filmed in isolation)


"Change the Game"

Performed by Isabelle McCalla

with Jenna Beressi, Kris Bramson,

Amanda Briskin-Wallace, Elspeth Collard, Jennifer Daly, Cori Jaskier, Anastasia Johnson, Michela Masotti, Vaibu Mohan, Alondra Olmo, Sam Paley, Sam Rosenblatt,

Jillian Michelle Smith, Rachel Torres,

Brooke Wexler, and Kara Zaborowsky

Keys 1: Erika Ji

Keys 2: Eliza Randall

Bass: Debbie Tjong

Drums: Brooke Trumm

"You're Gonna Be Okay"

Performed by Lauryn Ciardullo and Ally Bonino

With Joe Badore, Josh Ben-Ami, Jenna Beressi, Amanda Briskin-Wallace, Alyssa Carthy,

RJ Christian, Noah Dunton, Bryan Freedman, Kalonjee Gallimore, Anastasia Johnson,

Tiana Jung, James Rose, Rachel Torres, and Brooke Wexler

"Let's Get Out the Vote

Performed by Kris Bramson, Brooke Wexler, Milena Makse, and Jenna Beressi

"Simpler Times"

Performed by Sonya Balsara

"My Person"

Performed by Gabrielle Carrubba

Animation by Alyssa Carthy

"Love Again"

Vocals by Brooke Wexler

Choreography and Dancing by Gabrielle Giacomo

Cinematography by John Patrick White

"My New York City"

Performed by Maxwell Levy

"Saying Hello"

Performed by Jenna Beressi

"At the Top"

Performed by Sydney Parra

Party Games/Even When

"Party Games"

Performed by Brooke Wexler


Performed by Marissa Ghavami

"Even When"

Performed by Laura Bright

"My Absentee Love"

Performed by RJ Christian


Performed by Sam Paley

I'm Wishing/Valentine's Day

"I'm Wishing"

Performed by Blake Roman

"Secret Superhero"

Performed by Christian Musto

Secret Superhero

"Valentine's Day"

Performed by Sam Paley

"Light Up"

Performed by Noah Mutterperl

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